Call for Abstract

Canada Meetings on Computer Aided Drug Designing and Drug Delivery , will be organized around the theme “Significance of CADD in Drug Discovery and Development”

CADD and Drug Delivery 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in CADD and Drug Delivery 2019

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks.

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  • Track 1-1Ligand and structure based drug design
  • Track 1-2Computational Chemistry
  • Track 1-3Molecular modelling
  • Track 1-4Enzyme as target
  • Track 1-5Receptor as target
  • Track 1-6QSAR/QSPR Quantitative structure activity/property relationships
  • Track 2-1Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Track 2-2Routes of Drug Administration
  • Track 2-3Delivery of new therapeutic modalities
  • Track 2-4Delivery of emerging biologics including mRNA, siRNA delivery, DNA delivery
  • Track 2-5Vaccine Based Drug Delivery Technology
  • Track 3-1Needle-free delivery systems
  • Track 3-2Patient centered integrated device implementation
  • Track 3-3Devices development - continuous administration of drugs
  • Track 3-4Human Factors, Behavioural Design And Human Centred Design For Delivery Device Development
  • Track 4-1GPCR-Targeted Drug Design
  • Track 4-2Lead Optimization for Drug Metabolism and Safety
  • Track 5-1Role of computational biology
  • Track 5-2Pioneering digital health and smart drug delivery systems
  • Track 5-3Ligand binding studies
  • Track 5-4Phage display technology for clinical application of protein drugs
  • Track 6-1Protein-Protein Interactions
  • Track 6-2Inflammation and Autoimmune Inhibitors
  • Track 6-3Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry
  • Track 6-4Vaccines, Antibodies, Biotherapeutics
  • Track 6-5Formulation development for biosimilars
  • Track 7-1Bioanalytical development for large molecules
  • Track 7-2Analytical development for novel therapeutics
  • Track 7-3Analytical strategies for novel proteins and antibodies
  • Track 7-4Stability testing and stability approaches for biologics
  • Track 7-5Understanding the characterisation of large molecules
  • Track 7-6Novel analytical tools to analyse particles
  • Track 8-1Target discovery and validation
  • Track 9-1ADME (adsorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion)Of drugs
  • Track 9-2Metabolism and toxicology
  • Track 9-3Antiviral and antimicrobial activity
  • Track 9-4Drug receptor interaction
  • Track 9-5Kojic acid as a tyrosine inhibitor